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Unless you have free/cheap power, or use for a space heater, cryto mining ezy mode mining has been over for a while. Even for gambling on pre market coins is pretty much penny stocks, and you'd be better selling the hardware and spending the money, like a proper speculator.

Now it's cold and I still get a fair bit of solar power, I'm running some rigs again. I expect a visit from the cops in 2-4 weeks, but apart from that it's a pretty low hassle way to heat and my house. No profit in it.

Almost every AMD gamer now has whichever level of shiny card they can afford, and there seems to be normal competition in prices.

If I was going to buy a new board, I'd get an AMD CPU. But I only change boards every 5+ years, and I'm not serious at anything to warrant a new one before component failure.

I don't get the stock price dump, other than general "shit on tech" day. AMD seem, at least to my low fiscal analysis skills, to be a very solid performer, who came in slightly below expectations in a sluggish market. So maybe 8-10% if we're being mean, but 20%+ just seems like a good opportunity to buy.

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