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Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait

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Anonymous Coward

This just further cements my decision to ditch Windows and move to Linux.

It started with Windows 8 and its horrible attempt to break into the mobile market.

Instead of admitting their mistake, they sort of made a half-a$$ed attempt to fix their horrible UI but still ultimately went in the same direction. Now it's just an inconsistent mess.

Then they added spyware to Windows 10, removed the users ability to control their own computer in several different ways, and broke people's trust with updates by pushing their GWX malware.

Meanwhile, AMD came out with Vulkan, and really improved their open source Linux drivers.

Then, people started developing things like DXVK, and then Valve threw their weight into it.

Gaming on Linux was a joke previously, but now it's gotten legitimately good.

Linux is just getting better, and Windows is just getting worse.

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