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Windows 98 - This is rubbish, can't wait for Windows 2000.

I thought it was pretty bad because of its obnoxious "everything is a web page" UI, designed to blur the line between Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, but it was generally popular and considered decent by most. It was more stable than 95, which isn't saying much.

Windows 2000 - This is really rubbish, so looking forward to Windows ME replacing this junk.

I don't recall a lot of people thinking Windows 2000 was rubbish. It was the "pro" answer to the consumer equivalent, Windows ME, released later the same year (2000). They were never intended for the same market.

Windows 7 - Well it's better then Vista?

It's a bit more popular than that now. It's the one everyone wants to keep using.

Windows XP was a juggernaut. I used it from c. 2002 to its end of support on one or the other PC, for well over ten years. If they could have just stuck with that UI and just changed the minimum possible to accommodate newer technologies, I'd have been as happy with it as I had been for the first ten years.

Windows 10 is the first Windows I have really and truly despised. I avoided Vista, but I would have rather used it then than I would use 10 now.

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