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Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait

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Windows 95 crashing when you plugged a USB device in,

Never had that experience! Back then we called it "useless serial bus" because there weren't any devices to plug into it that were readily available. The PCs sold by the outfit I was with didn't have USB ports even though the motherboards did support it, but we only had one person ask for USB in all my time there, and he just wanted the board along with the connector (which we did not have), not a full PC.

Windows 95, as originally released, didn't even have USB support (OSR 2.1 added it). At the time I'm referring to here, or the start of the time period at least, OSR2 (95 "B" as it was sometimes called) was brand new for OEM distribution.

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