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Devs can somehow do better code if they test it by themselves,

That one always seemed too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

If the code generated by x hours of programming require y hours of testing, how is reducing a programmer's hours of x and making him do y for part of his work week instead supposed to help save money? If he's programming a third as much because two thirds of his time is now testing, and so are all the other programmers, then they need three times the programmers they used to have to achieve the same output. It's still the same amount of labor per line of code if that testing is actually being done. The only difference will be that they replaced the relatively cheap testers with programmers for testing duties, and that doesn't save money.

The entire argument about "test your own code" seems to forget that time is a scarce resource. For the people who actually believe it, of course. It isn't the programmers themselves doing the testing.

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