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Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait


MS really need to produce a genuine Pro / enterprise version for business users and a "Home" version for, well, home users. Yes, it's déja vue, but it's the only way forwards, to segregate these different groups properly.

As a Pro user I don't need Candy Crush or 3D Paint crap FFS!!! I do need my Snipping Tool and Paintbrush, not removed nor "upgraded", I'll be the judge of what I need thank you MS. I use these tools several times a week, I need them.

Same with Office 365, it's now become full of candy crap, stuff moving about or new style every few months. It's impossible to work in a predictable manner. Sticking the consumer market under Office 365 is sheer madness, MS really need to go back to producing an updated suite of MS Works, make it availble online, a nice and simple yet effective consumer solution, this time with file types COMPATIBLE with Office.

All this "one size fits all" trend is utter nonsense and will piss off BOTH Pros and consumers! Horses for courses FFS!

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