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Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait


I've never used or owned a Mac before, never thought about wanting to buy and use one as my main home computer - but the complete nonsense way that MS are treating Win10 and breaking it like this is a punishment to people for sticking with them.

Edge and IE are barely useable in the modern Enterprise, especially VDI. The amount of Telemetry that needs to be disabled and pointless faffy applications that need to be removed to get a sensible VDI environment setup is maddening

If MS charged a small amount per month, like an O365 subscription to be rid of the crap then I'd be up for that. But you don't get anything for free and with the amount of Telemetry in Win10 and lack of common sense updates and design approach - feels like i'm selling my sould and personal metadata to whoever MS resels and shares all this to

If they carry on like this, I'll be ditching Win10 and getting a Mac

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