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Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait



First want to point out. I'm just a basic user. I read all these sites to help me correct the many problems I'm faced with. Of people that have no idea how to learn to correct situations. All of the reading and insights to the many issues are very helpful! Aside from that, MS has always had these issues. From 3.1 to current win 10. Not one OS released has ever been completed. Think about it an "update" should mean a tweak to the current system in place. The problems from one version fell into the new version and has continued. To this day. 10 is a lot harder to deal with since it has taken away the right to read what is getting downloaded into your system. It decides when a patch or an update is going to be installed or when you will receive a new OS version . Even if you choose not to have it installed right in the middle of running a program. Preventing the owner who paid for it. Or "leased" it as its put now.

AI is great if like the basic computer the human dictating the instructions knows what the out come will be. Just faster so to give it false information means you get failure 8x as fast. . . When you look at history. You have win95 and windows 2000 NT. Both were used for many years and allowed you to developed within both of them. Many of you started with these 2 systems as well as worked with both of them hand an hand. Something to be said for software that does not require the internet to make a system work. To get a patch or and update took very small amount of time. Win 10 cripples your system to do an update or a patch. If you own 10 you need a 2nd computer with another OS version so that you can continue to work. How is that intelligent? In win10 Its seen that all software for bells and whistles are 3 party software. No problem except that almost all of the software, devices, and other tools run in conflict with win10 if the license code has not been paid to MS. History, does MS take into account the past mistakes to make them better. For the current or do they keep repeating the same mistake and put a new shiny label on it. In the past the complaint was memory or drive size or chip speed. All of these challenges have been met. Still you have dos. Running the whole system. The memory is 12 x larger the drive has 12x as much space and the chips are 12x faster. Yet Win95 on 8 megs of ram and a 40 meg hard drive and a chip Pentium 3 or 4 still to this day works cleaner and looses nothing. No cloud, no internet needed. It seems the idea is so smart, its stupid now.

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