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"There's no better alternative than sticking with Win 7 for now, but all talk seems to be of finding a different way forward for the future than Windows."

And yet we're not seeing much actual movement away from Windows, especially for those who seem to be stranded (like professional gamers who need top-end performance and whose software lineup is pretty much Windows-ONLY). I'll start believing people are abandoning Windows when I start people like that turn away money and moving away in serious numbers because that means the economics finally means the price is too high even to bribe.

I'm also waiting to see if a "dilemma" moment hits at some point. Say there's a bad update in the pipe that bricks most of the systems that try to update. Yet, at the same time, a super-critical (say remote-control total-pwnage exploit that can spread like crazy without intervention) bug hits in the old version. This means computers that MUST be online face a real dilemma: get bricked or get pwned. I would think the lawyers would get involved at that point.

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