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'We broke a few things and will continue to do so... in a careful way' – Oracle's Reinhold on Java renovation work


Theres a lesson here.

Java was always a solution lookign or a problem, so the ammoutn of code that went into it was shocking - 4-5 guis, various means of networking, god knows how mnyn 'Wouldnt it be nice ...'

All over a 20 years period. And the they were reluctant to deprecate and delete the old crap.

*IF* Java was a small, itght VM with support for sockets and decent built in integer then it would rule business and web stuff. No brainer.

Instead is a bloated monster which requires a lot of money to just get the basica changes QA in place.

Any compnay that bet on jave - and a lot did, internally - are o nthe hook for ongoing support costs. And, to put the cherry on the shit cake, that person is Oracle.

Me? I stick C99 and its standard runtime. Nice n small, with lots of competing suppliers.

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