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The problem is fundamental

A personal computer operating system should be nothing more than a system that manages the operation of other applications, providing services such as GUI, networking, process control, filesystem, etc through a well defined set of programattic hardware interfaces. But no, they've come to see it as a means of total control by trying (and failing disastrously) to at the same time colonise the entire business and consumer IT world by adding in crap like Bing to try and get back control of browsers and search, UWP to try and reverse the catastrophic failure in the mobile space, big snooping to try and be Google, and moving stuff to the cloud to try and grab more of that too. Sure, they're making big money with Azure, but it isn't from cloud based Win 10 servers. I and every other serious IT person I know is avoiding Win 10 and thinking that this is not a viable thing to risk having in our business. There's no better alternative than sticking with Win 7 for now, but all talk seems to be of finding a different way forward for the future than Windows.

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