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"Is it annoying at times, yes"

It is -- but when I am annoyed with problems found, I am not annoyed at the tester -- I'm annoyed that we failed to catch the problem before the tester began work.

"as developer I would rather be writing new code than fixing my or someone else's mistake."

Over the decades, I've learned that there are many different temperaments in developers. Some devs (such as yourself) love writing new code, designing new approaches to problem-solving, and so forth. Others love the puzzle of digging into malfunctions and resolving them. A great software house has both of these types (and let them each focus on the sort of task they love).

Personally, I'm a third type: I love producing high-quality software, and don't really prefer either writing new code or fixing broken code. It's all good. Although there is a special sense of accomplishment involved in producing new code that is well-engineered enough that it frustrates the testers in their goal of finding what's broken!

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