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Also safe to say that the Bright article referenced was about Agile generally not so much about testing, didn't make any reference to 'crowd sourced' anything, and doesn't contain the quote somewhat sloppily implied as being attributed to Ars (but is in the ZDNet article, which in context casts the point about laying off testers as a bad thing not as an agreed good point).

As it happens the Bright article referenced was of its time four years ago i.e. too much jumping on the Agile bandwagon and not enough demonstration of real world experience to appreciate the nuances (so yes, it was/remains a terrible article).

But the reference in this Ostrowski article to the ancient history in Ars/ZDNet was almost completely inappropriate, and the attributions/quotes were a misrepresentation of the Bright/Foley content anyway. It all came across as petty sniping between hacks without adding any substance to the undeniable issue of the mess Microsoft are making of Windows updates (and patching) with this switch to forced, frequent updates (and using the customer base for testing).

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