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@JohnFen - A good developer will recognize the need for peer review and professional testing of their code. They catch bugs and make the developer check for and fix issues. Is it annoying at times, yes, because as developer I would rather be writing new code than fixing my or someone else's mistake. In fact I had a situation at work were the tester found a problem that required me to investigate the issue. It is not relevant where the issue was just that it was caught before the code was released.

Slurp is failing with Bloat because they want to be 'hip' and 'sexy' while OSes are staid and boring. But without an OS how does MS propose for us to use our computers; otherwise they are very expensive paperweights. There is a lot of unglamorous software users depend on everyday and there is money to made if you got your act together. Destroying Bloat destroys Slurp by destroying customer trust. I have permanently banished Bloat 7 to a box that is not connected to the Internet; non of the Bloatware requires a connection. I have no intention of buying any Slurp product as they as shown themselves to be untrustworthy. Chromebook, Mac, Linux box I would consider.

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