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Well, it is the Empire of enterprise IT... Oracle's Ellison plans 'Star Wars cyber defense' for his second-generation cloud

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Welcome, Larry .... WTF kept you away and outside for so long?

Fancy Bare Neural Networking type stuff you can garner and utilise from Thanks, Scott Reed & Nando de Freitas/Google DeepMind London, UK ....
...... is a copy/clone/drone/future development of .......
A key component of the infrastructure is providing a bare-metal server, he said.

This contains none of the database giant's own cloud management code, and ring-fences customer's software into zones on the bare-bones box. If a subscriber is more security conscious, and presumably also cash rich, they can rent one or more such machine just for themselves. These bare-metal servers are controlled separately by an Oracle-powered system. In effect, Oracle has kinda rebranded bare-metal servers as "second generation."

And Larry will know IT's Attractions are Heavy Fuel Heavenly Fuelled.

Aint that correct, Larry, with the Gospel according to Satyrs and Nymphs celebrated in song here ....... Heavy Fuel Dire Straits are a Perverse Invention and Signify Hopeless Manic Desperation

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