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hate Jira. It just does not fit for non devs. Add to that I hate confluence too

Ditto here. It may be the go-to tool for DevOps, but having had a look at it I cannot really fathom why.

For starters, they insist on sticking new names on things you've been using for ages (for instance, you don't have "folders"). Secondly, it is not usable out of the box insofar that you have to get used to the user interface, and God help if someone accidentally switches on the page update alerts because the whole thing will slow to a crawl while it is working through the whole message queue that creates, not to mention the wasted staff time zapping all those incoming emails.

Learning to use it merely adds to the pain because it has a UI that makes the Microsoft Office ribbon appear a model of usability.

As far as I can tell, it's really only for devs. It's not really usable for others.

However, guess what? Naturally they already spent money on licenses, so now we're stuck with it..

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