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Silent running: Computer sounds are so '90s

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Back in the nightmare that was Windows 95, There was desktop themes exe. This introduced me to the darkside of custom sounds. Windows having the most hideous noises it wasnt long before Sonic the hedgehog was providing the sounds for my machine... with a lone Homer Simpson "Doh" for error.wav

This has persisted with phones, my late father was denoted with a clever edit of the "one foot in the grave" theme, my sister who lives in a strange little world of her own got the Addams family theme and so on through the *inner circle" whose calls I would probably want to identify without having to fish out my phone, all of the sounds had a logic that for me connected them to the person. I have a custom message tone for friends and a trick edit of Nyton (Eric Prydz) for callers in my phonebook who dont have a custom personal tone... unknowns outside of my phone book get a standard to me that tells me its probably ok to ignore for now.

Works for me... Others of a different opinion are welcome to thier view..

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