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The one thing that I hate about switching phones is I have to redo all of my ringtones. They tell me either whose calling or what type of caller it is. A lower volume plain ring means it's nobody I know or somebody so far down the food chain that I'm not worried about picking up unless I'm really bored. Loud and interesting ringtones are the ones from people that I want to talk to all of the time. If my mother is calling, I want to know it's her since she's getting older and the call might be very important. The sisters, not so much. I never had any use for them. Customers for my photo business get their own ring since they are likely calling to book my services ($$).

It's very easy to tell whom is calling with ringtones and that helps with deciding whether it's worth the bother to fish the phone out of the eponymous pocket, hit the mute ring button or just let it go to voice mail unimpeded. I also find it much more polite to not answer my phone if I am interacting with somebody else and even pulling it out to look at who's calling can be pretty rude. That said, If my buddy that play drums for some rather famous bands rings up, it usually means he's in town and I'm going to take that call unless somebody is counting high denomination bank notes into my hand right at the moment.

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