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During the Golden Shower Age of Ringtones I selected "classic bell" for mine, and got a desk-phone like ringing. Worked for about six months, always could tell my phone from the other commuters', then others started switching to it.

Top of my most hated phone noises list:

Push-to-talk beep. Super fucking annoying. Double that when coupled with push-to-talk idiot yelling into phone.

The wolf-whistle "you've got texts" tone. Had to put up with that in the office for two months until Fuckwit McFucktard got tired of it.

Game event beeps. Idiots on the train drive me nuts with these. "Aren't I clever? I'm playing a game ... *on my phone*! Yeah! On my phone! I know! Great, eh?"

Keyboard clicks. Another on-the-train favorite of the IQ challenged.

Video clips. There's always some idiot on the train who's IQ is lower than the phone's, who wants to play crappy tinny music through their phone at maximum volume. I've been threatened by people when I've asked them to turn the sound down.

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