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"is it not possible to change the sound associated with that beep to silent?".

It is, but that's like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. The windows exclamation beep is useful, the sage one, is not. An example, I want to examine a completed customers order in the quickest way possible, by double clicking on the order so I can see the prices they paid last time. I then get a "ding" to tell me the order is completed. Another example is I have put a customer on hold. I want to take him off hold, so I double click his name, and get "ding" "The customer is on hold".

And don't get me started on the stupid decisions, like offering a search tool for sales orders, but not a search tool for quotes, which would be a million times more useful because I want to find the quotes to convert them into sales orders. Oh and the inconsistency, some search tools are case sensitive, some are not. It's almost like different teams coded different modules. Some modules have a useful search function, some don't and instead you have to scroll down many pages to find say the bank account, or nominal code you want.

It is the most frustrating software I've ever used.

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