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Silent running: Computer sounds are so '90s


Around 98 at work someone had ripped the sounds off Dungeonkeeper ( maybe 2 ) and shared them around.

So incoming emails were 'whipcrack! arrggh' or ' heheheheh' or one of the 50 other noises. Quite good actually , short enough and distinctive.

I once changed my shutdown noise to the theme to roobarb.

There was a fad for Father Ted quotes as well.

I think I still have the .wavs floating about on a floppy.

As for phones :

I can't hear my phone ring or vibrate unless its strapped to my ear (Galaxy S5) . Especially if I'm outside, its not noisy or buzzy enough.

The number of missed calls outweighs the number I hear by a factor of 3.

As a phone its terrible at making at notifying you that there is a call.

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