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Same here.

That is to say I have forsworn getting another Crucial NVMe thingy.

Not because the one I got was crap (although eventually that was proven to be the case) but because I was too late (thinking the problem may be with my machinery - which is quite picky when it comes to NVMe - and then trying different formulations) to get help from Amazon, and when (per Amazon suggestion) I emailed Crucial to recover the ridiculous amount I paid they did not even reply.*

Once bitten .....

FWIW one of the things I tried was a PCIe adapter which takes NVMe SSD's. The Crucial one did not register. Threw it in the bin. Bought another - non-Crucial - and it is fine.

*P.S. I do not live in the USA so getting redress is sometimes too much of a PITA.

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