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My complaint was about the sense of entitlement. Sure, I'm running Linux--and I have intense gratitude toward the many developer's whose work I am using at no cost.

I did miss your "or lost cost" phrase. But even then, when you look at the number of hosting services out there, I have a hard time believing that the market would not have driving costs lower unless costs were near these levels. If you don't consider $100/year for a domain that includes imap low cost, then perhaps you've not seen as much of the world as I have.

As for the employer's time, again, you are quite correct that I do not know your situation. Apparently, you get few personal emails a day than I do sometimes when I sneeze. (I've found the MK I eyeball to be the best spam filter.) Certainly, if someone on hourly is only scanning during breaks, that is fine. Likewise, for salaried employees that treat the eight hour end-of-day as being dependent upon urgent business needs, there is plenty of room for dealing with limited personal stuff while at work. I've had employers specifically state that they would rather I take calls during the day than not. I was basing my complaint on a general phenomenon where people aren't committed to delivering excellence to their employer.

Which is why I explicitly stated that I was not intending to attack you personally. Upvote for your closer. :)

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