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Richard Plinston

Who destroyed the competition ?

> Android has destroyed all OS competition in mobile, except for Apple - because nobody else could charge for a mobile OS.

Microsoft killed WebOS by waving WoA (Windows on ARM - RT) and 'loyalty discounts' at HP (you wouldn't want to have to pay retail to put Windows on the boxes you sell).

Microsoft killed Symbian, Meltemi, Maemo/Meego, Asha by the contract it had with Nokia via Elop.

Microsoft killed Windows Mobile 6.x with a completely different 100% incompatible Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft killed Kin.

Microsoft killed Nokia-X/Microsoft-X (Android using MS and Nokia services) by just closing it down because it was outselling Lumia.

Microsoft killed Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile by incompetence.

Microsoft then complained that Android was a monopoly.

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