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Apple don't let you do some things with the product they make. That is irritating to quite a few people, and perhaps a good reason not to buy apple stuff. However, they do that because that's their product. Their product lets you do some things, and does not let you do other things.

Google created a product, in your mind better, that also doesn't let you do certain things, like disable google play services let alone delete it. That's their right to do in their product, but they aren't just doing it because that's their product; they are doing it to destroy the competition from their suppliers and others, by making google play services a parasitic effect on their device manufacturers and making it impossible to do pretty much anything without it.

FYI, the thing apple did to reduce device processing that they claimed was for battery reasons was illegal. They got sued, and they got investigated. When apple or google does something actively illegal, and they both do, they get investigated.

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