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"...and the multitude of "stores" that supported them would be fragmented..."

that is called freedom! You can't have ONE store and then blame them afterwards for having a monopoly, doh! This is again a half baked Euro-fine in which eventually nobody really knows where this €4.34bn euro went to.

Besides there's ASOP Android so if the majority of handset-manufacturers decides NOT to use ASOP then don't blame google for their position. And the Chinese have been building Android phones without Google-services for ages. Besides why can't google just sell their app-suite as a side-loadable apk? What's the big deal anyway?

I always ask myself, these politicians hand out fines like cookies yet we, Euro-citizens, never know what happens with all that money? I find that more worrying than Google's monopoly. Because in the case of Google we KNOW where that money is going to. In the case of damn politicians we have absolutely no clue!

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