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Crucial P1 minicard flash drive? Not if you grabbed Intel's 660p

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It's good to see someone else agree with me about Seagate drives. With one exception, every other brand I had, had still been SMART = 100% when I threw it away for being too small (I still have a working 80GB HDD).

So that is ONE HDD failure since Win95 ruled (Fujitsu 3TB @ 8 years old)

As for Crucial, not had any experience with them, but I HAVE had two other SSD brands dies on me; both during normal low load instances, checking email, reading web etc; both 100% total loss.

One was 2 years old and one was 2 weeks old.

I dont trust any valuable data to them now; OS and Program files go on SSD, all data and documents go on spinning rust.

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