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I bought a bucket of the cheapest Crucial junk SSDs I could find, lobbed them into any machine in work that couldn't take our >4Gb RAM upgrades (which tells you the age of those machines! They run 64-bit WIndows but the motherboard can't take more than 4Gb RAM) - so half the machines are 4Gb with an SSD, the other half are 8Gb with a normal hard drive.

Bear in mind that I *never changed a single option* - none of this caching rubbish, no "tool" running to optimise the SSD, no overprovisioning, no disabling of swap, etc. - literally a byte-for-byte image of whatever was on the same computer before the upgrade...

1) I've not had to replace one in over 4 years.

2) If I did, they are the cheapest things to replace, and literally replaceable because nothing is stored on the HD, just the OS and roaming profiles.

3) They would be much swapping harder than the 8Gb machines.

4) They OUTPERFORM the 8Gb machines, by a large margin. People use them in preference.

5) When I *do* runs the tools, there are zero failures and the estimated life is still 5 years +

6) These machines are hit hard every day, in use all through the working day, way into the evening, and sometime 24 hours a day in some locations. They get dozens of users a day sucking down their entire profile and then pushing back to the server, and doing all kinds in between and "Switch User"ing between half-a-dozen users all the time rather than logging off.

I honestly can't fault them... I have a Samsung in my personal stuff but they were a test to see if they were viable and whether I'd have to replace them every year, and they are still flying. If I had to replace them every year, I really wouldn't care at this point.

P.S. You should never lose data. Literally never. If you can afford one drive, you can afford two half the size and something to RAID between them, even if it's only a pathetic mirroring. And you shouldn't be storing anything critical on any machine that can't do that (we call those clients, they shouldn't be storing files on them and you should be able to code up a bare-metal machine to a working client with all your software and domain in minutes).

Now, if you'd said Seagate and hard drives - I'd be right with you. I burned through EVERY SEAGATE DRIVE in the workplace in that same time. Literally everyone failed, and every RAID resync with more Seagates inside them was a cross-your-fingers-and-check-your-backups moment. Every single drive that failed was Seagate (whether SAS or SATA, client or server or storage). Every Seagate drive has failed.

But the cheapest, junkiest, more useless, sacrificial Crucial SSDs... they are so impressive, I've worked out what I'm upgrading next rather than RAM.

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