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Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax

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I find these two societal trends quite disturbing. We should expect to pay for things that we receive that are of value, and when we are at work, we should expect to be working.

There are lots of free emai services out there. It's not unreasonable therefore to ask around for any suggestions on a "free or low cost mail solution"

It's completely different to the never-ending comments you see on android apps saying things like:

- "this game is a con. i loved the first level, but why should we have to pay to play the other"?

- Game would be brilliant if it was free. 1 star.

- I appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into this app, but it would be much fairer if we got daily tokens rather than having to pay real money for them.

<cheapshot>Incidentally, how much did you pay for Linux ? ;-) </cheapshot>

As for the 'personal mail on work time' - yes, if people are taking the piss. But you can't assume that of dropbear, indeed, i'd assume most people here would not take the piss, and work for people who treat them as such.

I can look at non-work related websites in work, make and receive personal phone calls, and my boss doesn't give a crap. Probably because he also knows that if the shit hits that fan at 4.59pm, i won't be rushing out the door at 5:00.00 - it works both ways, and I wouldn't work in an environment where I have it any other way.

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