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Google always has changed handset manufacturers a license fee for accessing Google services - I understand it averaged around £15 per handset in 2014.

Although Android is - in theory - open source freeware, for much of it to run, it requires access to Google services.

The key issue was that the manufacturers were obligated to install all of Google's apps in exchange for the license - whether they wanted it or not.

It was like Facebook saying "If you want to pre-install Facebook, you also have to pre-install WhatsApp (who we also own)".

If the phone user didn't want those apps, they had to disable them off one-by-one in the settings menu, although they could never be deleted.

The commission had a look and said "That's not fair. Manufacturers should be able to choose which apps they want to install, and pay for only those ones they want."

In reality, it's not going to make much of a difference to the consumer. Phone makers will still probably choose to install the entire Google suite of apps, as that's what most (although maybe not all) consumers want.

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