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I'll never buy another

Out of, dunno - maybe 20+ SSDs that have been here so far, exactly two have failed. And in all time (let's just say decades going back to mfm) - are the only times data has actually been truly and instantly lost.

Both were Crucial M.2 sata, and they seemed to have failed due to parasitic body scr latchup. Got very hot, drug the power supply down to zip (intel NUCs in both cases) and were not recoverable even from an external adapter card - even in the one time in ten they didn't latch up again on power up.

Every other SSD I've bought - Samsung, Sandisk, Intel - quite a number of them, most in much more demanding applications - is still working fine, with many times the power cycles and runtime hours.

!00% failure rate of one brand says it all for me. FWIW, the same machines that had those drives fail in them had Crucial brand LPDDR3 too - and it's fine.

Just one, well, two, data points. Enough for me, though.

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