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Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax


Where do I sign up!

If Google made the Play Store able to work irrespective of any other services, and offered a yearly subscription for Play Services (ie: Push) and didn't force any other tracking and advertising shite onto you I think they would be amazed at the volume of people who sign up. I would willingly pay £24 a year for this personally, and I know a few other SME's that would pay it too (and corporates with a volume discount).

I hate being advertised at, and thanks to Adblock, NoScript etc. don't suffer this on web pages. I am one of the types that would even subscribe to The Register for an annual few quid - I know this stuff isn't free, but web advertising is fundamentally broken. Maybe if you don't have the full fat Google package you can't download "free" apps (the ones laden with banner ads), but as I don't use any of those I really wouldn't suffer.

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