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My real name is Gilbert, I just prefer it if people call me

And more power to you.

I was recently forced to go to LBGTQI sensitivity training. The trainer spent a long time going over the importance of identifying people the way *they* wanted to be identified, and asked us to "go round the room" stating our preferred identification. Mine was "Jason Bourne".

After endless lecturing by the trainer and help sheets that did more to alienate those already threatened by the whole idea (the materials were largely wikipedia articles on LGBTQI chat room terms and slang) he wound up by asking our opinions.

I told him that I had found some of the material informative, most of it not, and pointed out that no-one, not even he the trainer, had once referred to me as "Jason Bourne" which sort of derailed the entire thing. He spluttered about jokes, but I said that if a client announced that he identified as James Bond I would be technically in breach of my terms of employment if I reacted the same way when he did so.

So grab as many names as you want, Ramases Niblick the Third Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Where's My Thribble. It's not as though there are operating systems out there that *don't* implement cut'n'paste semantics.

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