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Another Sailfish fan which is working perfectly for me on my Xperia X, looking forward to the forthcoming v3. Glad to have left the Google / Android world behind, the battery life on my phone now is significantly better now it's not permanently on speed dial to G HQ.

I currently have two Android apps; Brave + Threema, both installed using apks from their respective websites. Occasionally I look at my old Android device for Whatsapp group messages. With version Sailifish 3 I'm hoping it will be easy enough to block pretty much all access for an app like Whatsapp and open when I want to - that will negate the need to use my old phone for that.

I really don't miss Android, I use brave for almost everything I would have used an app for before and I'm not one to want constnat push notifications telling me I have a new email or someone has posted something on Twitter or a goal has been scored etc

The only thing I think I miss is banking apps, from banks that insist that the only way to login is via a mobile device - again this is kept on an old Android so not the end of the world there.

Note, there are a few things that Sailfish need to do, for example last week I wanted a new Calendar (Work) in my Calendar beyond the default Personal / Birthday - this required me to write an sqlite insert via the built in terminal, laughable really but probably something that'll be updated in the near future and that's the first time I've needed to do something like that.

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