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Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax

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No. Because Apple aren't a monopoly. And even if they were, having a monopoly is perfectly legal.

What you're not allowed to do is to leverage (abuse) your dominance in one market (search/advertising in the case of Google) into winning other markets.

Google went into Android specifically to maintain its monopoly in search, that's why it was free. To be fair they also did it to get mobile data-loggers to improve maps, location services, local search - and slurp everyone's data. But for some reason regulators did nothing, and so Android has destroyed all OS competition in mobile, except for Apple - because nobody else could charge for a mobile OS.

But now Google have pissed off the EU by failing to cooperate in their last anti-trust case (price comparison search) and so are in trouble over Android and search / Play store. Also they've pissed off US regulators with fake news (though not as badly as Facebook) - so might find the US government gets a little less sympathetic, and their massive lobbying efforts growing less efffective. Google have taken the piss - they've exploited that search/advertising monopoly for all it's worth, and I think they're going to reap the regulatory whirlwind for their arrogance and greed over the next ten years.

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