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It's seen as bad form to boot people out after granting asylum.

It was bad form to give him asylum in the first place.

There was no suggestion of anything untoward happening in the Swedish case, and justice was proceeding as it was supposed to. The Ecuadorian government did it as a bit of cheap political posturing, and so they deserve everything they've got. Admittedly I do feel sorry for the embassy staff, most of whom didn't ask for any of this, and just want a clean bog and not to be smelling cat poo from a litter tray that's not been cleaned out.

Admittedly had his paranoia been true, then it would have been too late to do anything had an extradition request come in from the US. But at least he'd have been in Sweden - and he'd have had his chance with due process like the rest of us have to face.

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