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Leaked memo: No internet until you clean your bathroom, Ecuador told Julian Assange


Apparently other restrictions:

"Visitors are also slapped with new restrictions. They must submit visit requests in writing to the embassy chief, giving their name, nationality, profession and place of work, reason for visiting, email and social media accounts, and even the serial numbers for phones and other devices they wish to bring inside. The new rules even mandate the collection of IMEIs, unique identification numbers specific to a phone handset.

While repeat visitors receive a less restrictive screening process, they can have their access revoked at any time without an explanation. All visitor data will be turned over to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other unspecified parties.

The restrictions include a threat to use UK police to arrest visitors or seize communications equipment should the journalist violate the lengthy list of rules. Adding insult to injury, the embassy threatened to remove Assange's cat to a shelter should they decide he is not cleaning up after the animal properly."

So if one wishes to visit Assange, one has to give over significantly intrusive details that may be passed on to "... other unspecified parties.". Wow. So potential total loss of "freedom" and welcome to no-fly lists, intrusive (TSA) customs searches, etc, etc.

It is disgusting that Assange is held, without trial in an effective jail for so long. Call ourselves civilised: 3rd world countries must be laughing at our hypocrisy.

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