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Outside of Japan, Fujitsu KILLS the K5 cloud with 'immediate effect'

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Anonymous Coward


Shocked, surprised moi?

It’s only goal was to prolong the move from Fujitsu on-premise/datacentres to true cloud and it didn’t/couldn’t even do that. Waste of money, resources and reputation.

I did tell them but they called me mad...mental...not loyal to the programme!

We believe in cloud but we will build it using our openstack for you in our datacentres Vs Azure/AWS/GCP - what an absolute waste of time and amazing way to piss off your customers.

Obviously anon because I do not mourn the look on the faces of the openstack fanbois who will now be retraining on Azure asap. Meanwhile I’ve had over 18 months of both AWS and Azure real world experience!

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