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It is 2018 and the NHS is still counting the cost of WannaCry. Carry the 2, + aftermath... um... £92m


Re: £150m deal was signed with Microsoft to update systems to Windows 10

"for THAT! MUCH! they could have RE!-WRITTEN! every windows-only application to RUN! ON! LINUX! and *THEN* switched EVERYTHING over to Linux, and would have had MONEY LEFT OVER afterwards."

Bob, that much money wouldn't have made an ounce of difference.

I work in a clinical environment, a lot of the laboratory instruments I support are old - but they still work.

The majority of them are XP, with a smattering of Win7, Win10, W95, WFWG, W98, DOS

to bring those up to modern standards would necessitate the purchase of brand new instruments, some costing northwards of £600K. The failure at the NHS IMHO was in not separating those devices with elderly O\S's into VLans and protecting them from the big wide world as we have done.

Its not just the cost of buying the things, its the qualification, training and everything else you need to add on to it as well.

And an FYI - out of nearly 1000 instruments, only 1 is Linux and we keep that well away from our networks, oh, there's an android one too but we don't talk about that

Actual history ....... not in a clinical environment.

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