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the crappy IBM "fourth generation" programming environment

Bwahahahahahahaha! I remember when "4GL" was the future, and going to make all coders unemployed! How all you'd need was to tip a defined business process into the hopper, and out at the bottom would pop a freshly minted, perfectly functioning block of code, ready to do the job faultlessly. This, for those whose memories don't stretch back that far was 1987. ICL was still a thing back then; OS/2 and Windows 2.0 were released on an unenthusiastic world, whilst Vauxhall were still churning out Cavaliers for an equally unenthusiastic world.

And now the same sort of fuckwits who told us the 4GLs were the future are now trying to promote AI, machine learning, blockchain, the InternetOfshiTe and similar causes. A word from the old to the young: Don't believe anybody trying to sell a vision. On the other hand, if some old buzzard gives you a rule of thumb, understand that they've been their, they've scoffed at the old buzzards, and then learned the hard way that "rules of thumb" are more immutable than the laws of physics.

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