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I wonder what unintended consequences will arise....

Who says these consequences were/will be unintended? Politicians have been living beyond their tax income means for decades, so there's been a necessity of getting the cash from somewhere else. Stealing it from the savings of future private sector pensioners is a great option when the politicians themselves are on the gold plated MP's pension scheme. In the case of BT, don't forget that unlike most private pensions, government backstop the pension scheme if BT go bust, and that could conceivably happen if they can't stop the actuarial liability rising.

And this robbing of prospective pensioners continues: To judge by the leaks to the press, Hammond is yet again trying to build a case to reduce tax relief on pension contributions in the budget, because that's a whole lot easier for the schmuck's of Westminster than sorting out the buggers muddle they have and continue to make of government spending.

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