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What about Roscosmos?

Why is it that NASA "has to be satisfied"? Surely Roscosmos has to satisfy itself. NASA are just passengers. Why such biassed reporting? The ISS is composed of the "International" segment and the Russian segment. Note that the Soyuz is hugely safe & unlike ANYTHING NASA launched has no periods during its operation which are unsurvivable unlike the Shuttle, etc. This is ridiculous, alarmist reporting. "Abandon the ISS"?! What about the Russian crew on the Russian segment? The International team may get windy, but the Russians will satisfy themselves over their vehicle and launch as they see fit. It is NOT up to NASA - they do NOT pull the shots on the Russian segment that could detach from the rest and fly perfectly happily, attended or otherwise. With automatic resupply from the Progress ships (and refuelling for re-boosting). Again NASA nor anyone else has such automatic ships. (The Europeans had, but only 4 or so flew years ago.)

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