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I'll be honest, I didn't bother checking first. You know the rules of thumb like "don't do your own X" - but programs doing X exist, the rule exists as a sort of check, if you don't know why the rule is, you're not ready to break it.

I trust myself to do it, I don't know how to convey that without just splurting some words like "numerical methods", "proper understanding of floating points" (which really go hand in hand) ect ect.

But what's wrong with another one right? ;)

Thanks for the link though, looking at the screenshots that's like flightsim style (you have a console and instruments, bottom right screenshot). This isn't quite that, but I wont go into it here, I look forward to checking it out though!

I must confess I've also started playing around with railguns (firing 2 at the same time opposite sides of the centre of mass so you don't start spinning), "realistic joints" (so much effort went into these) so they snap properly. I'm not too happy with collisions (which is a huge subject) but they exist. I've also left the foundations in for special relativity (not in terms of graphics - but I could with great effort, that's an "instant rendering") but in terms of delay and signal forms - right now none of that's implemented but I can add it without having to rewrite everything.

Sorry for the textwall, My intent is to make sure this is worth my time writing, so there are many things you can turn on or off (or are currently off but one day - maybe - time permitting you can turn on!), for example right now the "rail gun" is pretty much hard coded with some equations I worked out on paper, one day - maybe you design it "proper".

I've made some good plotting features so you can generate plots of variables against any other (and these can come from simulations). So I've really got some good room to develop stuff and see the relationships in play.

Tl;DR sorry.

Thanks for the link again!

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