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"Sorry, doesn't sound like successful bargaining to me."

Oddly that sounds exactly like how people bargain online with me :)

Selling a widget that retails for $50 for $30, with $10 shipping cost (plus packaging) to Bubba's country.

Bubba: Hi, I'd like to make an offer on your widget

Me: Sure, I can reduce the shipping if you want more than one

Bubba: No, just one.

Bubba: I'll offer $10, including shipping

Me: No thanks.

Bubba: Come on! That's fair!

Me: Uh, no. I can throw it in the bin and make more money than that

Bubba: Yeah, but a I REALLY want it. And I only want to pay a tenner for it

Bubba: <insert some sob stroy>

Me: I don't care. It's $40 or GTFO. <Blocks Bubba>

I have roughly ten Bubba's for every scammer. There are certain items that attract them more. Oh, and sometimes Bubba's are also nickle and dime scammers, ripping you off for an item that you made less than a buck profit on, on the basis that it'll be more hassle for you to chase them or prove non-delivery.

"How hard is it to parse the "60" in the seller's sentence and suggest something between 36 and 60"

Or if you've put the "Mark is in a bad mood" mode, then the next offer is 36 -x, where x is how many times I've restrained myself from bodily harm that day.

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