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At least it seems to have had a viable and tested emergency system rather than something rather hopeful...

The two lost Shuttles were destroyed by:

1. An SRB explosion causing immediate structural failure of the craft due to excessive g-forces - something I can't see Soyuz surviving either. After all, Shuttle had emergency SRB separation available, if there'd been time.

2. A failure of the heat shield. Which there's no escape from in Soyuz either. Although admittedly the Soyuz heat shield is hiding during lauch, protected by the fairing and service module - so isn't at the same risk of debris damage.

The Shuttle was inherently more dangerous - as it was more complex, and worse used solid rocket boosters (which can't be throttled down, only ejected). Being bigger it was more capable, but also saddled with a much more vulnerable heat shield. It also couldn't have an escape tower - so in a launchpad explosion there'd be nowhere to go.

Both systems had a similar number of crewed missions - both losing two crews.

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