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Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials

Black Helicopters

This is an interesting story for sure. The same way the Ken Thompson compiler hack pointed the way. Who looks at their compiler or it source? Seriously? At some level you have to trust, until you've learned not to trust anymore.

Did anyone get hacked? The way Bloomberg described it? Quite possibly not. Howeve, not that much of the denial is theoretical in nature - as in, it couldn't possibly be done. Instead we are told that the particular claims are weakened by directly affected parties stating it did not happen. Vigorously. Certainly, the various military industrial complexes have little to gain by worries about their supply chain - there's enough budget overshoot on certain projects that going back to square one on your chips may finally get the frogs to jump out of the water.

I fear that it will take a while before the dust settles down and we are less in the dark. From 100000' up it looks no less credible than the idea that chip branching optimizations would open up a large, and theoretically hard to plug, hole in silicon-level security. At some gut level, it makes an evil kind of sense, that million-transistor chips and motherboards might spare a few to do sneaky things.

None of this means that I have the least inkling of a clue. Unlike the Bloomberg scribes or whomever fed them a massive line of BS.

We are indeed living in interesting times.

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