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Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials

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"if an USA owned or controlled company was doing the same."

I would be _extremely_ surprised if a USA company did something like this. After the lawsuits shut down their company and drove it into bankruptcy, the principal board members might actually face criminal charges. The legal bills would be enormous (breech of contract being #1 on that list).

We don't have a supply bottleneck here that involves the government (aka government 'owned' companies), nor a somewhat oppressive communist government that has the will [and ability] to demand/coerce that kind of cooperation from its citizens. The mistrust of government in THIS country is pretty overwhelming. Finding someone who'd put up with that would be difficult. People would quit their jobs first, before cooperating (not THAT hard to find another one, ya know?). And, some people live to be "whistleblowers" for things like that, with its instant fame, TV interviews, and book deals.

I doubt that anyone in the UK would try to get away with something like this either, for similar reasons. Nor the EU in general. Russia, on the other hand, might try something like that. But we don't buy "Made in Russia" stuff all that much, do we?

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