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"Imagine the uproar if a major car manufacturer mandated that your shiny new car can only be serviced and maintained by their own dealers and exclusively using their own original parts otherwise it will not work at all."

Well, it sucks to be you.

Car manufacturers have no choice but to do exactly this. You need to be a Volvo dealer to swap entire electrical boxes on models after 1998. Acura found out their customers were paying for high-theft rates when kids realized the souped up Acura engines could be swapped to a regular Honda Civic or Accord.

Theft rates for a particular Camry model year escalate dramatically 8-12 years past their model years because they're enormously popular and expensive to rebuild the tranny.

No car manufacturer wants to lose sales because their customers pay big bucks to the insurance company because of theft rates.

Do you honestly think Tesla wants you rooting around in their cars?

Even worse, try being an American farmer owning million dollar complex computerized crop equipment that can only be DIAGNOSED by a factory tech while your harvest window is closing down on you. YouTube it. Farmers have to load something the size of a house on a truck and haul it to the dealer because it stopped moving.

It's just not up to you just because you bought the device. If the key to market dominance is to make everything sleek and sexy with repair-ability as the only downfall, then it sucks to be you.

I'm sorry ONLY Apple has stores all over the place offering factory service. Claims anyone outside that can do a better repair job, it just doesn't matter.

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