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I'm with Andy The Hat on this

Let's take this a little further.

The rice grain sized chip purportedly created by Chinese engineers, could, like so many high tech gizmos have been designed in the West and then reverse engineered.

We know only too well to what ends our own agencies will go to, to gather every minute detail they can, without any regard for legality or morality.

Now if our own agencies had been Borging motherboards into the collective, wouldn't they be denying any and all stories, regardless of who the finger is pointing at?

And wouldn't their instructions to those companies who are complicit in this be to vehemently deny everything and not just trot out the usual lame disclaimers.

It's not unreasonable to think that Chinese agencies would take the West's tech and use it in the motherboards the NSA specifically don't want Borging.

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