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Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials

Andy The Hat Silver badge

Just curious as to why the NCSC in the UK spoke up so rapidly in support of US corporates rather than simply denying knowledge about what had, until that point, been a Chinese/US issue?

Either there is something to this story or Bloomberg have had an incredibly complicated scam played against them with the aim of discrediting Chinese manufacturing ... If the first, there's a massive and organised closing of corporate and governmental ranks, if the latter it smells of very high level organisation. Either way I have a bad feeling that there are Governmental organisations with more fingers in this than they should have ...

Of course the absolute conspiracy theory would say the Chinese did it, the US discovered it very early and turned the system to deliver false information to its masters ( making it a double agent ). That way the US have to deny any earlier knowledge and will be wanting to kick Bloomberg for cutting off a known spy link ...

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